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CAMBI's mission is to make brain-computer interfacing and multimodal access technologies accessible to everyone, including end-users and their families, clinicians, researchers, and students. To achieve this mission, we strive to make all products of our research and community engagement available to the public. Our BciPy software and data sharing platform can help new labs, even those without established research infrastructure or grants, get their research off the ground and share collected data with the community. We also provide clinical resources supporting effective research and future clinical implementation of BCI for people with severe disabilities, as well as information for potential end-users of BCI and their families.

Clinical Resources

Our clinical resources have been developed to support the inclusion of people with severe disabilities in BCI research, and to ensure that their voices are part of the conversation around technology development as we move toward future clinical implementation.

How does BCI work? Can I use it in my everyday life? How can I get involved in research? What other communication options are available for me or my loved one?  Learn more on our resource page for users and families.


BciPy is an open-source, Python-based BCI software package. It was developed with a focus on event-related potential (ERP) spelling interfaces, but is modular to allow use with other non-spelling and non-ERP paradigms, and is written in Python to reduce the barriers of entry to BCI research.

Resources for Users & Families

Data Sharing

Our data sharing platform is intended to support the BCI community and BciPy users by providing access to de-identified EEG and other physiological data from BCI experiments conducted by CAMBI and other research groups.

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